Old town
17th International Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Analysis (MMA2012)
June 6 - 9, 2012, Tallinn, Estonia





















    Guided Tour "EXPLORING TALLINN", for accompanying persons

Kadriorg (Catherine's valley) is a quiet, leafy area within easy walking distance of Old Town. The emergence and development of Kadriorg was influenced first and foremost by the high society of the tsar's empire. The streets of Kadriorg are as good as a unique architectural museum, weaving together various centuries and cultures. Kadriorg is one of the more dignified areas even today, and one of the best loved residential regions of Tallinn. The Estonian president's residence and many foreign embassies are located here.The park is one of the favourite spots for walking of Tallinners young and old. But Kadriorg is famed mostly for its baroque palace and park ensemble, begun in 1718 as the summer palace for the family of Russian tsar Peter I.



Song Festival Grounds

The Song Festival Grounds. It was here in 1988 that the Singing Revolution, a massive, musical demonstration against Soviet rule, set Estonia on its road towards independence. The grounds feature an outdoor concert arena, built in 1959, a number of indoor halls, and host a multitude of large concerts and festivals through the year. Most famously the site is home to the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration, an unforgettable event that takes place every five years, drawing together up to 34 000 performers and 200 000 spectators.

Pirita, located 5-7 kilometers from Tallinn's city centre, borrowed its name from the Order of St. Bridget's Virgin Mary Cloisters. In the early 20th century, the seaside town of Pirita began to develop into a destination for Sunday rides and a bathing area. Today Pirita is one of the favourite places in Tallinn for spending free time, with its bathing beaches, coastline, pine-forested parks, and picturesque Pirita River valley. The whole area offers a spectrum of possibilities for active holidays. Tallinn's Botanical Garden has lands on either side of the Pirita River, near the Forest Cemetery and Tallinn's TV Tower.

Pirita Cloister

TV Tower

The view from Tallinn TV Tower is unique in Estonia as well as in all of Northern Europe. The grandest view in northern Estonia is an experience that must be experienced – from a height of 170 meters, ancient Tallinn and the glistening Baltic Sea appear to be in the palm of your hand. The view is enhanced by the observation screens that let you move around in time and space – besides magnifying the view, they show what the city looked like at different times.