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17th International Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Analysis (MMA2012)
June 6 - 9, 2012, Tallinn, Estonia







































































































































































































MMA2012 Programme

Wednesday, June 6th

10.00 Beginning of registration

12.30-14.00 Lunch

14.00-14.15 Opening    Hall C

Plenary Talks    Hall C

14.15-15.00 G. Vainikko, A smooth solution to the linear system of singular ordinary differential equations

15.00-15.45 A. Kurganov, Central-upwind schemes for shallow water models

15.45-16.05 Coffee break

Section I    Hall C

Section II    Hall D

Section III    Hall G

 Section IV    Hall F

Contributed Talks I

Contributed talks II

Contributed talks III

Minisymposium Application of probabilistic model in approximation of analytic functions”

16.05 F. Assous, I. Raichik, Solving numerically the axisymmetric Laplace equation in singular domains

16.05 V. Polevikov, O. Lavrova, L. Tobiska, Modelling of ferrofluid layer instability subject to diffusion of interacting particles

16.05 A. Gritsans, F. Sadyrbaev, On solvability of boundary value problem for asymmetric differential equation depending on x’

16.05 A. Laurinčikas, Joint universality and its consequences for Hurwitz zeta-functions

16.35 S. Blomkalna, Heat conduction problem for bi-layered ball

16.35 A. Reinfelds, O. Dumbrajs, Qualitative investigation of dynamical system arising in plasma physics

16.35 S. Atslega, F. Sadyrbaev, On existence of multiple limit cycles in Hamiltonian systems

16.35 A. Balciūnas, The Laplace and Mellin transforms of Dirichlet L-functions

16.55 I. Zlotnik, FEM with discrete transparent boundary conditions for the 1D Schrödinger equation

16.55 B. Shvartsman, Dynamic stability of an elastically restrained tapered cantilever under distributed follower load

16.55 I. Yermachenko, F. Sadyrbaev, On a movement of a particle in a force field

16.55 S. Černigova, A mean square formula for the periodic zeta-function

17.15 I. Timoshchenko, N. Abrashina-Zhadaeva, Numerical algorithms for 1D fractional differential ionic transport problem in biological and synthetic membranes

17.15 M. Lencmane, A. Buikis, M. Buike, New mathematical model for the transient hot strip method with thin interlayer

17.15 A. Anisimova, I. Bula, Periodic orbits of single neuron models I

17.15 V. Garbaliauskienė, The limit theorems for twists of L-functions of elliptic curves

17.35 I. Ivanovienė, J. Rimas, Analysis of control system with delay using the Lambert function

17.35 T. Bobinska, M. Buike, A. Buikis, Double Wall with Double Fins

17.35 M. Avotina, I. Bula, Periodic orbits of single neuron models II

17.35 R. Kačinskaitė, Joint discrete universality of L-functions and periodic zeta-functions

17.55 K. Birgelis, U. Raitums, Convergence of the finite volume method for a conductive-radiative heat transfer problem

17.55 S. Sytova, Mathematical modelling of electron beams instability under conditions of multiwave distributed feedback

17.55 S. V. Charapitsa, A. N. Kavalenka, N. V. Kulevich, A. L. Mazanik, Electronic document management system of accredited testing laboratory E-Lab

17.55 K. Janulis, Joint universality of Dirichlet L-functions and Hurwitz zeta-functions

18.15 S. Rogovs, H. Kalis, A. Gedroics, Finite difference schemes with exact spectrum for solving some diffusion problems

18.15 R. Vilums, An approach for modelling the moisture transfer hysteresis in wood

18.15 O. Vaarmann, A. Leibak, A. Šeletski, On decomposition-coordination methods for complex multi-objective optimization problems

18.15 D. Šiaučiūnas, Mixed joint universality for zeta-functions

19.30-22.00 Welcome reception


Thursday, June 7th

Plenary Talks    Hall C

8.30-9.15 J. Cochran, Applied mathematics education: the key to sustainable development and growth

9.15-10.00 A. Štikonas, Investigation of a characteristic curve for the problems with nonlocal boundary conditions

10.00-10.20 Coffee break

Section I    Hall C

Section II    Hall D

Section III    Hall G

 Section IV    Hall F

Contributed talks IV

Contributed talks V

Minisymposium “Mathematical models including non-local boundary conditions”

Minisymposium Application of probabilistic model in approximation of analytic functions”
Contributed talks

10.20 A. Zine, M. Farhloul, A. Serghini, Stabilized finite element method and mesh adaptive procedure for convection diffusion problems

10.20 F. Loos, H.-D. Liess, Shape optimization of current carrying multicables

10.20 Ž. Jokšienė, R.Čiupaila, M. Sapagovas, Some properties of spectra for difference operator with nonlocal conditions

10.20 R. Macaitienė, Approximation of analytic functions by zeta-functions of certain cusp forms

10.40 L. Shishkina, G. Shishkin, Improved scheme of the Newton method for a semilinear singularly perturbed elliptic convection-diffusion equation

10.40 K. Dvorsky, Large time asymptotics for heat transfer in electric cables

10.40 O. Štikonienė, M. Sapagovas, On numerical solution for a class of elliptic equations with nonlocal conditions

10.40 S. Račkauskienė, Universality of zeta-functions with periodic coefficients

11.00 J. L. Gracia, C. Clavero, G. Shishkin, L. Shishkina, Interior layers for a 1D parabolic convection-diffusion problem with a discontinuous source term

11.00 O. Suboč, R. Čiegis, G. Jankeviciutė, M. Meilūnas, Mathematical modelling of electrical power cables

11.00 S. Roman, A. Štikonas, Green's function for discrete problems with nonlocal boundary conditions

11.00 J. Rašytė, A discrete universality theorem for Hurwitz zeta-functions

11.20 M. Braś, Nordsieck methods for non-stiff ordinary differential equations

11.20 D. Baronas, F. Ivanauskas, Numerical modelling of the biosensor in injection mode

11.20 K. Özen, K.Oruçoğlu, A solution to higher-order ordinary differential equation with nonlocal conditions by Green's functional concept

11.20 A. Rimkevičienė, A joint limit theorem for periodic Hurwitz zeta-functions with algebraic irrational parameters

11.40 E. M. Trykin, V. A. Trofimov, M. M. Loginova, Efficiency of using the Rosenbrock method for computer simulation of dynamics of electron - hole plasma in semiconductor

11.40 Ž. Ledas, R. Baronas, R. Šimkus, Two-dimensional modeling of the bacterial self-organization in a circular container

11.40 K. Jakubėlienė, M. Sapagovas, Stability of difference schemes for two-dimensional parabolic equation with integral condition

11.40 S. Vucane, J. Valeinis, Empirical likelihood method for dependent processes

12.00 A. Bugajev, R. Čiegis, Adaptive meshes for problems with boundary layers

12.00 V. Ašeris, R. Baronas, J. Kulys, Computational modelling of catalase-peroxidase biosensor

12.00 N. Sergejeva, About the problems with nonlocal conditions

12.00 D. Dzelde, Archimedean copula usage to model a joint life mortality tables

12.20-13.20 Lunch

14.00 Excursion and dinner


Friday, June 8th

Plenary Talks    Hall C

8.30-9.15 G. Shishkin, Convergence and stability to perturbation in the data of special finite difference schemes on uniform grids for singularly perturbed convection-diffusion equations

9.15-10.00 U. Hämarik, On the monotone error rule for the choice of the regularization parameter

10.00-10.20 Coffee break

Section I    Hall C

Section II    Hall D

Section III    Hall G

 Section IV    Hall F

Contributed talks VI

Contributed talks VII

Minisymposium “Mathematical models including non-local boundary conditions”
a Contributed talk

Contributed talks VIII

10.20 R. Čiegis, A. Bugajev, Numerical algorithms for simulation of pattern formation in bacterial self-organization models

10.20 U. Strautins, Stability analysis of fiber suspension flows in channel domains

10.20 S. Pečiulytė, J. Drungilaitė, On properties of real parts of complex eigenvalues for Sturm-Liouville problem with nonlocal boundary conditions

10.20 T. Raus, A family of regularization parameter choice rules for the Tikhonov method

10.40 J. Jachimavičienė, M. Sapagovas, Finite difference approximations for a class of pseudoparabolic equations with integral conditions

10.50 F. Gaspar, C. Rodrigo, A multigrid preconditioner for the Helmholtz equation

10.50 D. Funaro, Hypotheses on the functioning mechanism of antennas

10.50 A. Bejancu, Thin plate spline interpolation on strips and annuli

11.00 A. Skučaitė, A. Štikonas, Investigation Sturm-Liouville problems with integral boundary condition

11.20 N. Tumanova, M. Meilūnas, R. Čiegis, The numerical analysis of nonlinear model of excited carrier decay

11.20 V. Koliskina, I. Volodko, Analytical solution for the change in impedance of a coil situated above a moving conducting medium

11.20 K. Skučaitė-Bingelė, A. Štikonas, Investigation of complex eigenvalues for stationary problems with two-point nonlocal boundary condition

11.20 N. Budkina, S. Asmuss, On some generalization of smoothing problems

11.40 G. Jankeviciutė, R. Čiegis, T. Leonavicienė, Reduced order modelling based on POD method for parabolic heat conduction equation

11.40 S. V. Zemskov, B. Ahmad, O. Copuroglu, F. J. Vermolen, A mathematical model of self-healing in carbonated slag cement-based materials

11.40 S. Smirnov, Multiplicity results for third order boundary value problems with Sturm-Liouville type boundary conditions

11.40 E. Ideon, P. Oja, Rational spline collocation for boundary value problems

12.00 N. Churbanova, A. Chechina, M. Trapeznikova, Different approaches to the multilane traffic flow simulation

12.00 D. Pascault, T. Barashkova, Estimation of complex derivatives. Application for fault diagnosis

12.00 J. Novickij, M. Sapagovas, F. Ivanauskas, On the stability of an explicit difference scheme for hyperbolic equation with integral conditions

12.00 M. Kolk, A. Pedas, Numerical solution of linear Volterra integral equations

12.20 M. Trapeznikova, D. Morozov, N. Churbanova, B. Chetverushkin, Simulation of porous media flows on hybrid computer systems

12.20 P. Uba, K. Rannat, P. Miidla, R. Kivi, Implementation of GNSS-technology for climate research and numerical weather forecast

12.20 A. Leibak, Subdividing the positive cone (R+)r by Voronoi perfect polyhedras and totally positive algebraic integers

12.20 K. Orav-Puurand, A Central part interpolation scheme for log-singular integral equations

12.40-13.40 Lunch

Plenary Talks    Hall C

14.00 -14.45 A. Lorenzi, Strongly ill-posed problems and related identification problems for differential and integro-differential equations

14.45-15.30 K. Miettinen, I. Steponavice, S. Ruuska, Challenges of multiobjective optimization in integrated design and control: Case study in paper making

15.30-15.50 Coffee break

Section I    Hall C

Section II    Hall D

Section III    Hall G


Contributed talks IX

Contributed talks X

Contributed talks XI

15.50 V. Korzyuk, O. Kovnatskaya, Proving well-posedness of boundary value problems for the fourth-order equation of composite type by modified method of energy inequalities and averaging operators with variable step

15.50 I. Eglite, A. Kolyshkin, Spatial instability of curved shallow mixing layers

15.50 D. Teneng, K. Pärna, Simulating risk processes with different claim distributions

16.10 J. Socolowsky, On a two-fluid inclined film flow with evaporation

16.10 H. Kalis, M. Marinaki, A. Gedroics, On simulation of viscous incompressible electrically conducting flow around periodically placed cylinders

16.10 A. Olvik, R. Kangro, Pricing of warrants with stock price dependent threshold conditions

16.30 A. J. Janavičius, Quantum diffusion of electron in hydrogen atom

16.30 M. Madissoo, A. Liyvapuu, J. Olt, V. Maksarov, Dynamic simulation of chip formation in the process of cutting

16.30 J. Fjodorovs, The impact of serial correlation on financial active pricing and risk hedging

16.50 S. Turskienė, A. J. Janavičius, Nonlinear diffusion in plane surface

16.50 O. Grigorenko, On fuzzy orders for solving MOLP problems

16.50 A. Pučkovs, A. Matvejevs, Wavelet-based approach for multifractal indicators evolution research applicable for world stock indexes

17.10 D. Jurgaitis, A. J. Janavičius, K. Žilinskas, Superposition energy for bound states of two potentials in the Schrödinger equation

17.10 A. Aasma, Some factorable matrix transforms of summability and absolute summability domains of normal matrices

17.10 O. Pavlenko, Analysis of cumulative asset return by using of asymptotical averaging procedure and diffusion approximation

17.30 T. Riismaa, Convex extension of discrete-convex functions and numerical applications in discrete optimization

17.30 O. Meronen, Moderately oscillatory control modulo and Tauberian remainder theorems for (C,1) summability

17.30 M. Van Lokeren, On queueing systems with enter and exit probabilities

17.50 J. Žilinskas, Combinatorial optimization in placement of processes into multicore hardware

17.50 P. Miškinis, Fractional generalization of the Witt algebra

17.50 M. Annunziato, On the action of Semi-Markov processes on differential equations

19.00-23.00 Conference banquet


Saturday, June 9th

Plenary Talks    Hall C

9.00-9.45 H. Kalis, A. Cēbers, Numerical simulation of magnetic droplet dynamics in a rotating field

9.45-10.30 A. Zlotnik, The space discretization of the 1D quasi-gas dynamic systems of equations and the entropy and energy balance equations

10.30-10.50 Coffee break

Section I    Hall C

Section II    Hall D

Section III    Hall G


Contributed talks XII

Contributed talks XIII

Contributed talks XIV

10.50 G. Folkbergs, ''Smart money'' effect among strategic investors

10.50 P. Jodrá, On order statistics from the Gompertz-Makeham distribution and the Lambert W function

11.50 I. Iltins, M. Iltina, One determination method of heat physical characteristics for thin materials

11.10 E. Übi, J. Übi, Predicting student retention in ttu by using linear programming in data mining

11.10 J. Valeinis, L. Januseva, Confidence bands for general shift function

11.10 K. Kasemets, J. Janno, Inverse problems for parabolic integro-differential equations with instant and integral conditions

11.30 M. Dobkevich, Iterations to solutions of ''concave-convex'' BVP

11.30 I. Dasmane, J. Valeinis, Long memory parameter estimation using several wavelet based methods

11.30 U. Kangro, Analyticity of solutions of cordial Volterra integral equations

11.50 T. Metsmägi, A. Kivinukk, G. Tamberg, Variation detracting property of Kantorovich-type approximation processes

11.50 L. Pahirko, J. Valeinis, Empirical likelihood of survival data

11.50 I. Kangro, R. Kangro, On some convergence preserving perturbations of weakly singular Volterra and Fredholm integral equations in the case of piecewise polynomial collocation methods

12.10 G. Tamberg, Truncated Shannon sampling operators

12.10 K. Šadurskis, J. Carkovs, Covariation analysis of diffusion multiplicative cocycles

12.10 K. Lätt, Singular fractional differential equations

12.30 – 12.50 Closing    Hall C

13.00-14.00 Lunch