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17th International Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Analysis (MMA2012)
June 6 - 9, 2012, Tallinn, Estonia








































Travel information

Getting to Tallinn

By plane

Tallinn is mostly served by traditional airlines whose flights are sold by any reasonable travel agent (Estonian Air, Lufthansa, Finnair, CSA, LOT, Air Baltic). For information on these connections, see the web homepages of Tallinn Airport.

Estonian Air
Tallinn—Riga—Tallinn 3 times/day
Tallinn—Vilnius—Tallinn 1-4 times/day, duration 1:25 h
Tallinn—St.Petersburg—Tallinn 2-3 times/day, duration 1:10 h

Air Baltic
Tallinn—Riga—Tallinn flights 7 times /day, duration 50 min

By bus

From Vilnius, Riga, St Petersburg the coach services of Lux Express, Ecolines and Simple Express are the most practical travel option. Book online at these sites.

Tallinn—Riga—Tallinn 7-8 times/day, takes 4,5 h
Tallinn—Vilnius—Tallinn, 5 times/day, takes 8h

By ferry-boat

For ferry connections from Stockholm and Helsinki, see the web page of Port of Tallinn or Tallink, Viking Line and Eckerö Line.

There is a connection to St.Petersburg, but only 3 times /week.

By Train

There is a GoRail connection Tallinn—Moscow—Tallinn. Attention, there are some alternations in the timetable from May 27, 2012:
Departure from Moscow (Leningradski) at 18:05
Arrival at Tallinn (Balti jaam) at 08.25
Departure from Tallinn (Balti jaam) at 17:40
Arrival at Moscow (Leningradski) at 09:20

From the 27th of May there is also a regular connection Tallinn—St. Petersburg—Tallinn:
Departure from St. Petersburg at 17:32
Departure from Tallinn at 07:03
The travel duration is approximately 6 hours.

By Car

Hotel "Dzingel" is a big hotel in the south-west outskirts of Tallinn lodgeing in the midst of green residential quarters, Männiku tee 89. The parking beside the hotel (in inner side yard) is free, secluded and big enough to hold a lot of private cars and several buses.

City transport

The hotel Dzingel is located at Nõmme, Männiku tee 89, well connected with the bus line 5 (Männiku— Metsakooli—Männiku) to the city centre.
People, coming from Port of Tallinn by bus 2 (Reisisadam—Mõigu—Reisisadam) or from Airport by bus 2 both have to get off at the bus stop Hobujaama and change to 5 at the stop Pronksi, Narva road, get off at the stop P. Kerese.
There is one more possibility to get (reach) the city centre from Airport of Tallinn by using the commercial bus 90K. You have to get off at the stop Vabaduse väljak and change to 5 at the stop Vabaduse väljak, Pärnu road.
Routes and timetable: http://soiduplaan.tallinn.ee/#bus/en

People, coming from Bus Station (Autobussijaam) have to get on a streetcar (tram) 2 (Kopli—Ülemiste—Kopli) or 4 (Tondi—Ülemiste—Tondi) at the stop Autobussijaam, Tartu, road, get off at the stop Hobujaama and change to bus 5. They can also take bus 17, get off at the stop Vabaduse väljak and to change to 5, Pärnu road.

Tickets for drive in Tallinn public transport are available in all R-newspapers stands, where one ticket costs 1 EUR and in a public transport vehicle (from the driver) it costs 1,6 EUR.

The Railway Station of Tallinn is located near the Old Town. People, coming from Railway Station (Balti Jaam) have to take the tram 1 (Kopli—Kadriorg—Kopli) or tram 2 (Kopli—Ülemiste—Kopli) in the direction of Narva road at the stop Balti jaam, to get off at the stop Hobujaama and to change to the bus 5 at the stop Pronksi. They can also take a taxi from Railway Station to the conference venue - the distance is 7-8 km.


The taxi situation in Tallinn is bad. It is always preferable to order a taxi by phone. In the city you should not take a taxi from the street, unless you know what you are doing. You could consider a phone order even at the airport. Some of the recommendable taxi companies are Tallink Takso (phone 1921 or 6408921), Tulika Takso (phone 1200 or 6120000), Reval Takso (phone 621 2111). The reasonable rates are ~2.50 EUR initial fare + ~0.50 EUR per km charge, but many companies / private adventurers charge much more (taxi rates comparison table, in Estonian). Check the tariffs on the window of the taxi vehicle (there must be a yellow A4 size tariffs sticker).

If you want to take a taxi standing in line at the airport, bus station, railway station ot port, then we suggest Tulika Takso. This is a white car with the phone number 1200 on plafond. Another (a little bit more expensive) is Tallink Takso. This is a yellow car with the phone number 1921 on plafond. The trip to the hotel Dzingel costs about 10 Euros.

Always request a printed receipt. All taxi cars are required to have printers.


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