VTT Technical Research Centre, Oulu, Finland'; $tit ='High-Level Architecture for a Single Location Surveillance Point'; $abstract ='The Single Location Surveillance Point (SLSP) is a '. 'distributed multi-sensor surveillance software system. It '. 'comprises of an arbitrary amount of sensors that collect readings '. 'from a single location, which is the surveillance point. Each '. 'sensor transmits its crude sensor data to a session server, which '. 'handles the connections between the components. The session '. 'server routes the crude sensor information to the logical decision '. 'making service. The logical decision making server automatically '. 'deducts the situation at the surveillance point based on the '. 'received sensor information. The logical decision making server '. 'informs the security manager server of the situation at the '. 'surveillance point. The security manager server\'s user interface '. 'displays essential information about the surveillance point to a '. 'human security administrator. The security manager server can '. 'transmit information to the nomadic security personnel\'s smart '. 'phones over wireless networks. The SLSP system decreases the '. 'amount of redundant information that otherwise would be '. 'handled by the human security administrator and the security '. 'personnel. This goal is achieved with a prominent architecture '. 'between the components and a server that conducts automatic '. 'decision making.'; ?>
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