Centre for Nonlinear Studies, CENS

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Project leader: Jüri Engelbrecht, phone +372 620 4160 http://cens.ioc.ee/

Project administrator: Kristi Uustalu, phone +372 620 4227

CENS was founded in 1999 as a virtual network of research groups within the framework of the Mechanics and Applied Mathematics Department aiming to bring under one umbrella the scientific potential of Estonia engaged in interdisciplinary studies of complex nonlinear processes.

In 2002-2007 CENS was one of the ten Estonian centres of excellence in research; in 2009-2011 it was a centre of excellence of TUT. In 2011-2015 it was one of the twelve Estonian centres of excellence in research funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Research in 2002-2007 focused on: nonlinear waves, fractality and bioenergetics, nonlinear photoelasticity, waves in the sea environment (Mechanics and Applied Mathematics Department of IoC), signal processing (Biomedical Engineering Centre at TUT until 2008) and problems of geometry and dynamics (chair of geometry and topology of the University of Tartu until 2008).

Since 2008 the Control Systems Laboratory of IoC is part of CENS. In 2008-2011 the Laboratory for Proactive Technologies of the Department of Computer Control of TUT was actively involved.

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