I am currently a PhD student at Tallinn University of Technology under the supervision of Pawel Sobociński; my main interests being category theory and functional programming (GitHub, CV). I have studied lenses in functional programming and developed a theory of incomplete string diagrams that allows us to reason with many constructions in applied category theory in a formal and purely diagrammatic way.



Reviewing: I have been part of the programme commitee for ACT. I have reviewed for SYCO, FoSSaCS, Compositionality, CONCUR and LiCS.

Notes and talks

I make public some pieces of paper I collect and write while studying some topic. They are not meant to be definitive and many of them do not contain original material. Think of these as atomic ideas.


  • August 2022. Kleene Award to the best student paper at LiCS 2022 for Monoidal Streams for Dataflow Programming, joint with Elena Di Lavore and Giovanni de Felice.

  • February 2022. I will join the Applied Category Theory School this year as a Teaching Assistant on Nicoletta Sabadini's group.

  • November 2021. At NWPT'21 I presented a first version of "Monoidal Streams".

  • July 2020. At the Applied Category Theory conference I presented Open Diagrams via Coend Calculus and Profunctor Optics, a Categorical Update. Giovanni de Felice presented our work on language games.

  • November 2019. I started a PhD position at the Compositionality group at Tallinn University of Technology, under the supervision of Pawel Sobocinski.

  • September 2019. I finished the MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. My MSc thesis is on the ArXiv.

  • August 2018. I participated on the CAP Days 2018 Workshop at Siegen, on computational homological algebra.

  • February 2014. Together with David Charte and Ignacio Cordon, we started LibreIM, a community for mathematics and open source computer science in Granada.