My bookshelf

These are some of the books on my shelf at the Institute of Cybernetics.
For Dover books, the date of the edition which is reprinted is given.
Colleague who happen to need one of these books are welcome to contact me.

Author(s) Title Publisher Year Subject Status
Abel, M. and Kaasik, Ü Matemaatikasõnaraamat TEA 2002 Languages On shelf
Aceto, L. et al. Reactive Systems Cambridge University Press 2007 Concurrency theory On shelf
Ahlfors, L.V. Complex Analysis McGraw-Hill 1953 Complex analysis On shelf
Allouche, J.-P. and Shallit, J. Automatic Sequences Cambridge University Press 2003 Automata theory On shelf
Beazley, D. Python Essential Reference Addison Wesley 2009 Programming languages On shelf
Boolos, G. et al. Computability and Logic Cambridge university Press 2007 Mathematical logic On shelf
Calude, C.S. et al. (eds.) Unconventional Computation. Proceedings of UC 2011 LNCS 6714, Springer 2011 Computer science On shelf
Calude, C.S. Information and Randomness: An Algorithmic Perspective Springer 2001 Computer science On shelf
Clementi, A. On the Complexity of Cellular Automata Doctoral thesis, University of Rome La Sapienza 1994 Theoretical computer science On shelf
Ceccherini-Silberstein, T. and Coornaert, M. Cellular Automata and Groups Springer 2010 Cellular automata On shelf
Coornaert, M. Dimension topologique et systèmes dynamiques Société Mathématique de France 2005 Dynamical systems On shelf
de Luca, A. and Varricchio, S. Finiteness and Regularity in Semigroups and Formal Languages Springer 1999 Language theory On shelf
Devaney, R. An Introduction to Chaotic Dynamical Systems Westview Press 2003 Dynamical systems At home
Dörrie, H. 100 Great Problems of Elementary Mathematics Dover 1958 General mathematics At home
Erelt, T. and Leemets, T. Õpilase ÕS Eesti keele instituut 2004 Estonian language Lended to Niccolò Veltri
Fatès, N. (ed.) Procs. of 2nd Summer Solstice Acta Physica Polonica 4(2) 115--265 2011 Computer science On shelf
Feynman, R. et al. The Feynman Lectures in Physics -- New Millennium Edition Basic Books 2010 Physics On shelf
Gelbaum, B. and Olmsted, J. Counterexamples in Analysis Dover 1965 Mathematical analysis On shelf
Geroch, R. Mathematical Physics The University of Chicago Press 1985 General mathematics On shelf
Gilmore, R. Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Some of Their Applications Dover 1974 Mathematical physics On shelf
Goldblatt, R. Topoi. The categorical analysis of logic Dover 1983 Category theory On shelf
Graham, R., Knuth, D. and Patashnik, O. Concrete Mathematics. A foundation for computer science Addison Wesley 1998 Discrete mathematics On shelf
Grigorenko, P. Higher-Order Attribute Semantics of Flat Languages Tallinn University of Technology 2010 Doctoral thesis On shelf
Gutowitz, H. (ed.) Cellular Automata. Theory and Experiment MIT Press 1991 Reprint of Physica D 45(1--3) On shelf
Hamming, R. Methods of Mathematics Applied to Calculus, Probability, and Statistics Dover 1985 General mathematics On shelf
Hardy, G.H and Wright, E.M. An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers, sixth edition Oxford University Press 2008 Number theory On shelf
de la Harpe, P. Topics in Geometric Group Theory The University of Chicago Press 2000 Group theory On shelf
Hindley, J.R. and Seldin, J.P. Lambda-Calculus and Combinators: an Introduction Cambridge University Press 2008 Mathematical logic On shelf
Huff, D. How to Lie with Statistics Norton 1993 Self-defense On shelf
Hutton, G. Programming in Haskell Addison Wesley 2016 Programming languages On shelf
Isbell, J.R. Uniform Spaces Am. Math. Soc. 1964 Functional analysis On shelf
Jech, T.J. (Ed.) The Axiom of Choice Dover 1973 Mathematical logic At home
Kari, J. (Ed.) Proceedings of JAC 2010 Turku Centre for Computer Science 2010 Conference proceedings On shelf
Katok, A. and Hasselblatt, B. Introduction to the Modern Theory of Dynamical Systems Cambridge University Press 1995 Dynamical systems On shelf
Kelley, J.L. (Ed.) General Topology Ishi Press Intl. 1955 Topology On shelf
Khinchin, A.Y. Continued Fractions Dover 1964 Number theory At home
Khinchin, A.Y. Mathematical Foundations of Information Theory Dover 1957 Information theory On shelf
Khinchin, A.Y. Three Pearls of Number Theory Dover 1952 Number theory At home
Kosmann-Schwarzbach, Y. The Noether Theorems. Invariance and Conservation Laws in the Twentieth Century Springer 2011 History of mathematics On shelf
Kůrka, P. Topological and Symbolic Dynamics Société Mathématique de France 2003 Dynamical systems On shelf
Li, M. and Vitányi, P. An Introduction to Kolmogorov Complexity and Its Applications Springer 2008 Algorithmic information theory On shelf
Liggett, T.M. Interacting Particle Systems Springer 2005 Statistical physics On shelf
Lind, D. and Marcus, B. An Introduction to Symbolic Dynamics and Coding Cambridge University Press 1995 Language theory; dynamical systems On shelf
Lipovańća, M. Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! No Starch Press 2011 Programming languages In use
Lothaire, M. Combinatorics on Words Cambridge University Press 1997 Language theory On shelf
Lyndon, R. and Schupp, P. Combinatorial Group Theory Springer 1977 Group theory On shelf
Mac Lane, S. Categories for the Working Mathematician Springer 1997 Category theory On shelf
Magnus, W. et al. Combinatorial Group Theory Dover 1976 Group theory At home
McIntosh, H.V. One Dimensional Cellular Automata Luniver Press 2009 Cellular automata On shelf
Milner, R. Communication and Concurrency Prentice Hall 1989 Semantics of programming languages On shelf
Mosteller, F. Fifty Challenging Problems in Probability Dover 1965 Probability On shelf
Mousavi, M. Structuring Structural Operational Semantics Eindhoven University Press 2005 Semantics of programming languages On shelf
Niven, I. Mathematics of Choice: How to Count Without Counting Mathem. Assoc. Am. 1965 Combinatorics At home
Page, G. Topological Uniform Structures Dover 1988 Topology On shelf
Perumalla, K.S. Introduction to Reversible Computing Chapman & Hall / CRC 2014 Theory of computation On shelf
Polya, G. How to Solve It Princeton University Press 2004 Problem solving On shelf
Polya, G. and Kilpatrick, J. The Stanford Mathematics Problem Book Dover 1974 Problem solving At home
Polya, G. and Szegő, G. Problems and Theorems in Analysis I Springer 1998 Mathematical analysis On shelf
Polya, G. and Szegő, G. Problems and Theorems in Analysis II Springer 1998 Mathematical analysis On shelf
Ralston, A. and Rabinowitz, P. A First Course in Numerical Analysis Dover 1978 Numerical analysis On shelf
Révész, G. Introduction to Formal Languages Dover 1983 Language theory On shelf
Rudin, W. Principles of Mathematical Analysis McGraw-Hill 1976 Mathematical analysis On shelf
Rudin, W. Real and Complex Analysis McGraw-Hill 1970 Mathematical analysis At home
Ruelle, D. Thermodynamic Formalism Cambridge University Press 2004 Physics On shelf
Saagpakk, Paul F. Eesti-inglise sõnaraamat Koolibri 1992 Estonian language On shelf
Simmons, H. An Introduction to Category Theory Cambridge University Press 2011 Category theory On shelf
Smullyan, R. First-Order Logic Dover 1968 Mathematical logic On shelf
Stannet, L. et al. (eds.) Proceedings of the Satellite Workshops of UC 2011 TUCS Lecture Notes 2011 Computer science On shelf
Sussman, G.J. and Wisdom, J. Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics. Second Edition The MIT Press 2015 Physics On shelf
Steeb, W.-H. The Nonlinear Workbook World Scientific 2011 Dynamical systems On shelf
Steen, L.A. and Seebach, J.A. Counterexamples in Topology Dover 1978 Topology On shelf
Succi, S. The Lattice Boltzmann Equation -- for Fluid Dynamics and Beyond Oxford University Press 2001 Computational fluid dynamics On shelf
Toffoli, T. and Margolus, N. Cellular Automata Machines The MIT Press 1987 Cellular automata On shelf
Tuldava, J. Estonian Textbook Indiana University Press 1994 Languages At home
Vickers, S. Topology Via Logic Cambridge University Press 1989 Topology On shelf
Wasserman, L. All of Statistics Springer 2010 Statistics On shelf
Werner, W. Percolation et modèle d'Ising Société Mathématique de France 2009 Dynamical systems On shelf
Willard, S. General Topology Dover/td> 1970 Topology On shelf
Williams, D. Probability with Martingales Cambridge University Press 1991 Probability theory On shelf

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