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The International Federatioon of Operational Research (IFORS) is  an umbrella organization comprising the national Operations Research societies over forty five countries from the four geographical regions: Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America. The total membership is is over 30 000 persons. IFORS’ mission is to promote Operational Research (OR) as an academic disciplin and a profession.

The Association of the European Operational societies (EURO) is in its turn an umbrella organization of the national OR societies and international European Working Groups (EWGs). Firms can find an ideal partner from EWGs when they wish to co-operate with researchers from universities or other research establishments. With these partners firms can form a research project for which additional finance could be applied e.g. from the European Union under its research programmes. EURO  is a ‘non-for-profit’ association domiciled in Fribourg, Switzerland. Its affairs are regulated by a Council consisting of all its members and an Executive Committee which constitutes its board of directors. The members of EURO are normally full members of IFORS and comprise the national Operational Research (OR) societies of countries located within nearby Europe. Council meetings are held annually, normally in conjunction with the EURO Conferences.