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See veebisait esitab teavet KübIst 31. detsembri 2016 seisuga ja seda enam ei uuendata.
This website presents information about IoC as of 31 December 2016 and is no longer updated.


In connection to the structural reform of TUT, the Institute of Cybernetics has been closed. From 1 Jan 2017, the staff of the institute were moved to the new Department of Software Science of the new School of Information Technology and the new Department of Cybernetics in the new School of Science.

Postal addressInstitute of Cybernetics at TUT
Akadeemia tee 21
12618 Tallinn
Phone +372 620 4150
Fax +372 620 4151
DirectorAndrus Salupere
AssistantKristi Juske

Account (IBAN) EE78 2200 2210 0712 2812 in Swedbank (BIC HABA EE2X)

Registration No. 74000346
VAT reg. No. EE100129412 EE100224841
Accounting transaction partner No. 604202 604201

Cybernetica AS (our neighbour for years) moved to a new address Mäealuse 2/1.


The street address of the Institute of Cybernetics is Akadeemia tee 21B. Entrance is through Akadeemia tee 21/1 (“Küberneetika Maja”).

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