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See veebisait esitab teavet KübIst 31. detsembri 2016 seisuga ja seda enam ei uuendata.
This website presents information about IoC as of 31 December 2016 and is no longer updated.


The Institute of Cybernetics offers a conducive environment for PhD studies. Needless to say, a PhD study really means work.

IoC employs a couple of dozen PhD students. Every year, 3..5 fresh doctors defend their degrees.

Defended degrees, students

For a prospective student

NB! The 2016/17 admission is governed by new rules, please see here.

At the Institute of Cybernetics, one can study for a PhD according to the following study plans of the Tallinn University of Technology:

  • Engineering physics (YAFD06)
  • Chemistry and gene technology (YALD02) (in relation to systems biology)
  • Civil and environmental engineering (EAED02) (in relation to wave and coastal engineering)
  • Information and communication technology (IAQD02)

For descriptions of the study plans, see the Study Information System of TUT. For criteria and procedures of admission, check the admission portal of TUT.

Possible supervisors and topics:

MechanicsJaan Kalda, Arkadi Berezovski, Jüri Engelbrecht, Heiko Herrmann, Andrus Salupere
PhotoelasticityJohan Anton, Pearu Peterson
Wave and coastal engineeringTarmo Soomere, Tomas Torsvik
Systems biologyMarko Vendelin, Rikke Birkedal
Control systemsÜlle Kotta, Maris Tõnso
Phonetics and speech technologyEinar Meister
Software scienceTarmo Uustalu, Silvio Capobianco, Hele-Mai Haav, Wolfgang Jeltsch, Ahto Kalja, Hellis Tamm

In principle, we would like to offer every PhD student of ours a full-time position for work on the thesis within a research project in the mode of exclusive dedication. But this presumes that circumstances coincide nicely: that a matching prospective PhD student and adequately funded research project emerge simultaneously enough.

For information, please ask Andrus Salupere, Tarmo Soomere, Tarmo Uustalu or Marko Vendelin.

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