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See veebisait esitab teavet KübIst 31. detsembri 2016 seisuga ja seda enam ei uuendata.
This website presents information about IoC as of 31 December 2016 and is no longer updated.

Defended PhD degrees

PhD degrees defended at IoC (or by or under the supervision of employees of IoC)


Andres Ojamaa, Software Technology for Cyber Security Simulations, supervisors Enn Tõugu and Jaan Penjam

Martin Laasmaa, Revealing Aspects of Cardiac Function from Fluorescence and Electrophysiological Recordings, supervisors Marko Vendelin, Pearu Peterson and Rikke Birkedal Nielsen

Denis Firsov, Certification of Context-Free Grammar Algorithms, supervisor Tarmo Uustalu

Arvo Kaldmäe, Advanced Design of Nonlinear Discrete-time and Delayed Systems, supervisors Ülle Kotta and Claude Moog (Université de Nantes) (dual degree of TUT and Université de Nantes)


Mari Kalda, Mechanoenergetics of a Single Cardiomyocyte, supervisors Marko Vendelin and Pearu Peterson

Niina Karro, Analysis of ADP Compartmentation in Cardiomyocytes and Its Role in Protection Against Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore Opening, supervisor Rikke Birkedal

Emiliano Pastorelli, Analysis and 3D Visualisation of Microstructured Materials on Custom-Built Virtual Reality Environment, supervisors Heiko Herrmann and Jüri Engelbrecht

Kairit Sirts, Non-parametric Bayesian Models for Computational Morphology, supervisors Sharon Goldwater (University of Edinburgh) and Leo Võhandu (TUT) (thesis defended at the Dept. of Informatics of TUT)

Artem Rodin, Propagation and Run-up of Nonlinear Solitary Surface Waves in Shallow Seas and Coastal Areas, supervisors Tarmo Soomere and Irina Didenkulova

Andrea Giudici, Quantification of Spontaneous Current-Induced Patch Formation in the Marine Surface Layer, supervisor Tarmo Soomere


Nicole Delpeche-Ellmann, Circulation Patterns in the Gulf of Finland Applied to Environmental Management of Marine Protected Areas, supervisor Tarmo Soomere

Maija Viška, Sediment Transport Patterns Along the Eastern Coasts of the Baltic Sea, supervisor Tarmo Soomere

Dmitri Kartofelev, Nonlinear Sound Generation Mechanisms in Musical Acoustics, supervisor Anatoli Stulov

Marika Eik, Orientation of Short Steel Fibres in Concrete: Measuring and Modelling, supervisors Heiko Herrmann and Jari Puttonen (Aalto University) (dual degree of TUT and Aalto University)

Bert Viikmäe, Optimising Fairways in the Gulf of Finland Using Patterns of Surface Currents, supervisors Tarmo Soomere and Tomas Torsvik


Inga Zaitseva-Pärnaste, Wave Climate and its Decadal Changes in the Baltic Sea Derived from Visual Observations, supervisor Tarmo Soomere

Vadim Kaparin, Transformation of Nonlinear State Equations into Observer Form, supervisor Ülle Kotta

Mervi Sepp, Estimation of Diffusion Restrictions in Cardiomyocytes Using Kinetic Measurements, supervisor Marko Vendelin


Marko Kääramees, A Symbolic Approach to Model-based Online Testing, supervisors Jüri Vain, Michael Reichhardt Hansen (Technical University of Denmark) (thesis defended at the Dept. of Computer Science of TUT)

Oxana Kurkina, Nonlinear Dynamics of Internal Gravity Waves in Shallow Seas, supervisors Tarmo Soomere, Efim Pelinovsky (Institute of Applied Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Nizhny Novgorod)

Tarmo Robal, Towards Adaptive Web - Analysing and Recommending Web Users’ Behaviour, supervisor Ahto Kalja (thesis defended at the Department of Computer Engineering of TUT)

Juri Belikov, Polynomial Methods for Nonlinear Control Systems, supervisor Eduard Petlenkov (TUT), consultant Ülle Kotta (thesis defended at the Department of Computer Control of TUT)

Andrei Errapart, Photoelastic Tomography in Linear and Non-linear Approximation, supervisor Hillar Aben

David Schryer, Metabolic Flux Analysis of Compartmentalized Systems using Dynamic Isotopologue Modeling, supervisors Marko Vendelin, Toomas Paalme (TUT), Pearu Peterson

Ardo Illaste, Analysis of Molecular Movements in Cardiac Myocytes, supervisor Marko Vendelin


Tanel Peets, Dispersion Analysis of Wave Motion in Microstructured Solids, supervisor Jüri Engelbrecht

Lya Meister, Eesti vokaali- ja kestuskategooriad vene emakeelega keelejuhtide tajus ja häälduses: eksperimentaalfoneetiline uurimus, supervisors Karl Pajusalu, Hille Pajupuu (both from University of Tartu) (thesis defended at the University of Tartu)

Riina Maigre, Composition of Web Services on Large Service Models, supervisors Enn Tõugu and Peep Küngas (University of Tartu)

Kert Tamm, Wave Propagation and Interaction in Mindlin-Type Microstructured Solids, supervisor Andrus Salupere


Pavel Grigorenko, Higher-Order Attribute Semantics of Flat Languages, supervisor Enn Tõugu

Merle Randrüüt, Wave Propagation in Microstructured Solids: Solitary and Periodic Waves, supervisors Jüri Engelbrecht ja Andrus Salupere

Tanel Mullari, On the Second Order Relativistic Deviation Equation and Its Applications, supervisor Risto Tammelo (University of Tartu) (thesis defended at the University of Tartu)

Andrus Räämet, Spatio-Temporal Variability of the Baltic Sea Wave Fields, supervisor Tarmo Soomere

Mihhail Berezovski, Numerical Simulation of Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous and Microstructured Materials, supervisor Jüri Engelbrecht

Maris Tõnso, Computer Algebra Tools for Modelling, Analysis and Synthesis for Nonlinear Control Systems, supervisor Ülle Kotta


Dmitry Kurennoy, Analysis of the Properties of Fast Ferry Wakes in the Context of Coastal Management, supervisors Tarmo Soomere and Ira Didenkulova

Loreta Kelpšaite, Changing Properties of Wind Waves and Vessel Wakes on the Eastern Coast of the Baltic Sea, supervisors Tarmo Soomere and Irene Lill (TUT)

Andres Kask, Lithohydrodynamic Processes in the Tallinn Bay Area, supervisor Tarmo Soomere

Lauri Ilison, Solitons and Solitary Waves in Hierarchical Korteweg-de Vries Type Systems, supervisor Andrus Salupere


Ando Saabas, Logics for Low-Level Code and Proof-Preserving Program Transformations, supervisors Tarmo Uustalu and Enn Tõugu

Ira Didenkulova, Long Wave Dynamics in the Coastal Zone, supervisors Tarmo Soomere and Efim Pelinovsky (Institute of Applied Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Nizhny Novgorod)

Johan Anton, Technology of Integrated Photoelasticity for Residual Stress Measurement in Glass Articles of Axisymmetric Shape, supervisor Hillar Aben

Meelis Mihkla, Kõne ajalise struktuuri modelleerimine eestikeelsele tekst-kõne sünteesile (Modelling the Temporal Structure of Speech for the Estonian Text-to-Speech Synthesis), supervisors Haldur Õim (University of Tartu) and Einar Meister (thesis defended at the University of Tartu)


Toomas Kirt, Concept Formation in Exploratory Data Analysis: Case Studies of Linguistic and Banking Data, supervisor Leo Võhandu (TUT) (thesis defended at the Department of Informatics of TUT)

Juhan Ernits, Two State Space Reduction Techniques for Explicit State Model Checking, supervisor Jüri Vain (thesis defended at the Department of Computer Science of TUT)

Marion Lepmets, Evaluation of Basic Project Management Activities: Study in Software Industry, supervisors Hannu Jaakkola (Tampere University of Technology) and Ahto Kalja (thesis defended at the Tampere University of Technology)

Kalev Rannat, Long Weakly Nonlinear Waves in Geophysical Applications, supervisors Tarmo Soomere and Hanno Ohvril (University of Tartu) (thesis defended at the University of Tartu)


Tanel Alumäe, Methods for Estonian Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition, supervisors Leo Võhandu (TUT) and Einar Meister (thesis defended at the Department of Informatics of TUT)


Risto Vaarandi, Tools and Techniques for Event Log Analysis, supervisor Ahto Kalja (thesis defended at the Department of Computer Engineering of TUT)

Maksim Säkki, Intermittency and Long-Range Structurization of Heart Rate, supervisor Jaan Kalda

Olari Ilison, Solitons and Solitary Waves in Media with Higher Order Dispersive and Nonlinear Effects, supervisor Andrus Salupere

Robert Kitt, Generalised Scale-Invariance in Financial Time Series, supervisor Jaan Kalda

Andres Braunbrück, Wave Interaction in Weakly Inhomogeneous Materials, supervisor Arvi Ravasoo


Sven Nõmm, Realization and Identification of Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems, supervisors Ülle Kotta and Claude Moog (Université de Nantes) (dual degree of TUT and Université de Nantes)


Einar Meister, Promoting Estonian Speech Technology: From Resources to Prototypes (thesis defended at the University of Tartu)

Irina Astrova, On Integration of Object-Oriented Applications with Relational Databases, supervisor Ahto Kalja (thesis defended at the Department of Computer Engineering of TUT)


Pearu Peterson, Multi-Soliton Interactions and the Inverse Problem of Wave Crests, supervisors Jüri Engelbrecht and Embrecht van Groesen

Marko Vendelin, Cardiac Mechanoenergetics in silico, supervisor Jüri Engelbrecht


Olav Kongas, Nonlinear Dynamics in Modeling Cardiac Arrhytmias, supervisors Jüri Engelbrecht


Sergei Tupailo, Hilbert's epsilon-Symbol in Predicative Subsystems of Analysis, supervisor Grigori Mints (Stanford University) (thesis defended at University of Tartu)

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