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  • 10.12.2015, 16:00, KübI B 101. At IoC seminar Prof Tõnu Puu (Umea Univ) speaks about "The Hicksian trade cycle with floor and ceiling dependent on capital stock".
  • 27.-28.11.2015 9:00-17:00, KübI B 101. Itzhak Fouxon (Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel) gives a lecture course on "Inertial particles in turbulence: new, robust results" (see more).
  • 17.11.2015, 15:00, KübI B 101. Director of the IBM World Wide Programme "Competitive Strategies for Predictive Analytics" Roger L. Tervort introduces the technology platform IBM Watson Analytics (about the topic).
  • 22-23 October 2015 28th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics, NSCM28 in Tallinn, the Innovation and business center MEKTORY (organized by IoC, registration).
  • 17.6.2015, 16:00, TTÜ ICT-638. Sharon Goldwater (Edinburgh Univ.) talks about "Unsupervised Word Segmentation and Lexicon Discovery from Speech using Acoustic Word Embeddings" (see abstract).
  • 26.2.2015, 11:00, KübI B 101. joint seminar of IoC Laboratory of Phonetics and Speech Technology and Univ. of Helsinki Deparment of Speech Sciences about: "Research in Speech Technology and Phonetics" (vaata program).

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