As of January 1, 2017 Institute of Cybernetics (1960-2016) ceased to exist as research and development institution at TUT. People from Nonlinear Dynamics, Photoelasticity, Systems Biology and Wave Engineering laboratories joined the Department of Cybernetics in TUT School of Science and people from Control Systems, Phonetics and Speech Technology, and Software Science laboratories joined the Department of Software Science in TUT School of Information Technologies.

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  • On August 14 - 21, 2004, the Department of Computer Science of the Tartu University in conjuction with the Centre for Dependable Computing organises the 5th International Summer School on Advanced Functional Programming in Tartu, Estonia (see more).
  • On August 8 - 12, 2004 IT & CS Education Development Center at IoC organises the Third Estonian Summer School in Computer and Systems Science in Pedase. The school is targeted at MSc and PhD students (more information).
  • May 26 - 28 2004, the 4th Glass Stress Summer School will take place organized by Laboratory of Photoelasticity (more information).
  • 7.5.2004, 11:00, B101. prof Jan von Plato (University of Helsinki) will give a seminar on "Consistency of arithmetic through sequent calculus in natural deduction style"(see more).
  • 6.5.2004, 14:00, B101. dr Sara Negri (University of Helsinki) will give a seminar on "Internalised Kripke semantics and proof analysis in modal logic"(see more).
  • 29.4.2004, 14:00, B101. dr Ahti Pietarinen (University of Helsinki) gives a seminar on "Independence-friendly existential graphs" (see more).
  • 14 - 16 April 2004, the 2nd Annual Meeting of the FP5 IST thematic network APPSEM II will take place in Tallinn organized by Institute of Cybernetics (More information).
  • February 29 - March 5 2004, the 9th Estonian Winter School in Computer Science for PhD and MSc students will be held at Palmse organized by CIDEC (More information).

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