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The Institute of Cybernetics is a research and development institution at the Tallinn University of Technology, conducting R&D in mechanics, control systems and computer science.

  • 22.08.2014, 13:00, KübI B 101. PhD student of IoC Dmitri Kartofelev defends his PhD thesis "Nonlinear Sound Generation Mechanisms in Musical Acoustics" (PhD thesis). Supervisor senior researcher Anatoli Stulov (IoC), opponents Prof. Bogumił B.J. Linde (Univ. of Gdańsk, Poland) and Prof. German A. Maximov (Andreyev Acoustical Institute, Russia).
  • Starting July 28 till August 31, 2014 in the lobby of TUT main building a jubilee exhibition "Akademician Jüri Engelbrecht 75". The opening of the exhibition at noon of August 25.

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