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The Institute of Cybernetics is a research and development institution at the Tallinn University of Technology, conducting R&D in mechanics, control systems and computer science.

  • 14.12.2016, 14:00, KübI B 101. Seminar on heart physiology. speakers Prof. Pasi Tavi (Univ. of Eastern Finland, Kuopio) about "Cardiac effects of PGC-1alpha" and Prof. William Edward Louch (Univ. of Oslo, Norway) about Dyadic structure and function in cardiomyocytes: implications for heart failure (see details).
  • 14.12.2016, 10:00, CYB 101. PhD student of IoC Martin Laasmaa defends his PhD thesis "Revealing Aspects of Cardiac Function from Fluorescence and Electrophysiological Recordings" (PhD thesis). Supervisors senior researchers Marko Vendelin, Pearu Peterson and Rikke Birkedal Nielsen (IoC), opponents Prof. William Edward Louch (Oslo Univ. Hospital, Norway) and Prof. Pasi Tavi (Univ. of Eastern Finland).
  • 15.12.2016, 10:00, CYB 101. PhD student of IoC Andres Ojamaa defends his PhD thesis "Software Technology for Cyber Security Simulations" (PhD thesis). Supervisors Enn Tõugu and Jaan Penjam (IoC), opponents Margus Veanes (Microsoft Research, USA) ja Christian Czosseck (CERT Bw, Germany).


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