The Institute of Cybernetics was founded on the initiative of Nikolai Alumäe and started its activities on 1 September 1960, as a research institute of the Estonian Academy of Sciences (then the Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR).

In 1997, IoC was reorganized into an autonomous research and development institution at the Tallinn University of Technology.

The institute spun off Cybernetica AS, a very good collaboration partner and neighbour of ours.

The institute has been led by the following directors:

1960-1969Nikolai Alumäe - founder of the institute
1969-1976Boris Tamm
1976-1988Hillar Aben
1988-1997Ülo Jaaksoo
1997-2009Jaan Penjam
2009 - …Andrus Salupere

A status similar to IoC is enjoyed in TUT by the Institute of Geology ja Institute of Marine Systems.

History of IoC in print and online

For the 50th anniversary of IoC in 2010 we compiled an online exhibition Küberneetika Instituut 50 displaying the monographs authored and collections and journal issues edited by the researchers of IoC over the 50 years of the institute's history.

We also published a book:
Kaanepilt Teadusmõte Küberneetika Instituudis (edited by Jüri Engelbrecht, Mati Kutser, Galina Varlamova), Tallinn, 2010, ISBN 978-9949-430-38-3
This book contains a survey of the development of the research themes pursued at the institute, a selection of essays by and interviews with researchers of the institute published in the Estonian media, as well as articles by winners from IoC of the Estonian state research awards.

A book was published also in connection to the 40th anniversary of IoC in 2000:
Küberneetika Instituut muutuvas ajas (edited by Mati Kutser and Monika Perkmann, preface by Jaan Penjam) Tallinn, 2000, ISBN 9985-894-25-1 (pdf)

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