The results were announced at festive meeting of IoC Research Board on Sep 4, 2014.

IoC Best Paper of 2013
Tarmo Soomere series of papers from the book Soomere T., Quak E., (eds.) 2013. Preventive methods for coastal protection: Towards the use of ocean dynamics for pollution control. Springer, 442 p.:
Brzozowski, J., Tamm, H. Complexity of atoms of regular languages. - International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, 2013, 24, 7, 1009-1027.
IoC Best Paper by Young Scientist of 2013
Branovets, J., Sepp, M., Kotlyarova1), S., Jepihhina, N., Sokolova2), N., Aksentijevic, D., Lygate, C. A., Neubauer, S., Vendelin, M., Birkedal, R. Unchanged mitochondrial organization and compartmentation of high-energy phosphates in creatine-deficient GAMT(-/-) mouse hearts. - American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology, 2013, 305, 4, H506-H520.
Kaldmäe, A., Kotta, Ü., Shumsky, A., Zhirabok, A. Measurement feedback disturbance decoupling in discrete-time nonlinear systems. Automatica, 2013, 49, 9, 2887-2891.

Paper recommended to the TUT competition:

Peterson, P., Kalda, M., Vendelin, M. Real-time determination of sarcomere length of a single cardiomyocyte during contraction. - American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology, 2013, 304, 6, C519-C531

Papers were assessed by the commission: Jaan Penjam (head), Tanel Alumäe, Ahto Kalja, Mati Kutser, Pearu Peterson, Maris Tõnso.

1) Jugai
2) Karro
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