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The results were announced at festive meeting of IoC Research Board on Sep 11, 2015.

IoC Best Paper of 2014 at established scientist level
Kalda, J., Soomere, T., Giudici, A. On the finite-time compressibility of the surface currents in the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea. - Journal of Marine Systems, 2014, 129, 56-65.
IoC Best Papers of 2014 at young scientist level
Sirts, K., Eisenstein, J., Elsner, M., Goldwater, S. POS induction with distributional and morphological information using a distance-dependent Chinese restaurant process. - In: The 52nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics. Proceedings of the Conference. Volume 2: Short Papers : ACL 2014, June 22-27, Baltimore, USA, 22-27 June, 2014. Stroudsburg, PA : Association for Computational Linguistics, 2014, 265-271.
Eelsalu, M., Soomere, T., Pindsoo, K., Lagemaa, P. Ensemble approach for projections of return periods of extreme water levels in Estonian waters. - Continental Shelf Research, 2014, 91, 201-210.

Papers were assessed by the commission: Jaan Penjam (head), Maris Tõnso, Pearu Peterson.

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