Laboratory of Software Science

Head: Tarmo Uustalu, phone +372 620 4250

Project administrators: Eve Kann, phone +372 620 4211, Tiina Laasma, phone +372 620 4226

The Laboratory of Software Science is among the leading Estonian research units in computer science, specifically software science.

The research directions of the Laboratory of Software Science are automata theory, functional and dependently typed programming, semantics of programming languages, program analyses and program logics, ontology engineering in information systems, software process improvement, software composition and visual specification, tools for modelling and simulation and cyber defense.

The Laboratory of Software Science together with the Laboratory of Phonetics and Speech Technology constituted the IoC team of the Centre of Excellence in Computer Science, EXCS. EXCS was of the seven Estonian national centres of excellence in research 2008-2015 (five more centres were added for 2011-2015).

From 2016, the Laboratory of Software Science with the Laboratory of Control Systems is part of Excellence in IT in Estonia, EXCITE, one of the nine new Estonian national centres of excellence in research 2016-2023.


NamePosition RoomPhoneEmail
Irina ASTROVA senior researcher B 423620 4219   
Silvio CAPOBIANCO senior researcher B 421620 4221   
Denis FIRSOV junior researcher B 327620 4198   
Hele-Mai HAAV senior researcher B 424620 4213   
Mait HARF researcher B 421620 4221   
Wolfgang JELTSCH senior researcher B 427620 4220   
Ahto KALJA senior researcher B 426620 4210   
Eve KANN project administrator B 425620 4211   
Kristiina KINDEL engineer B 423620 4219   
Vahur KOTKAS development manager B 422620 4217   
Tiina LAASMA project administrator B 419620 4226   
Hendrik MAARAND engineer B 327620 4198   
Riina MAIGRE researcher B 407620 4240   
Andres OJAMAA researcher B 406620 4223   
Jaan PENJAM project manager B 4045147798
620 4214   
Jelena SANKO engineer B 406620 4223   
Margarita SPITŠAKOVA engineer B 423620 4219   
Hellis TAMM senior researcher B 427620 4224   
Enn TÕUGU consultant B 403620 4212   
Tarmo UUSTALU head of laboratory
leading research scientist
B 402 620 4250   
Niccolò VELTRI junior researcher B 327620 4198   

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