Laboratory of Photoelasticity

Head: Johan Anton, phone +372 620 4182

Secretary: Pilvi Veeber, phone +372 620 4181

In more than 50 years the Laboratory of Photoelasticity has developed theory, methods and measurement technology for determining residual stresses in glass articles of complicated shapes. This technology, photoelastic tomography, is implemented in the automated polariscope AP, accompanied with intelligent algorithms for measuring residual stresses in drinking glasses, bottles, electric lamps, optical fibre preforms, cathode-ray tubes, etc. To measure residual stresses in architectural glass panels and automotive glazing a polariscope SCALP, based on the scattered light method, has been developed. This this measurement methodology is used in many glass factories all over the world provided by the company created on the basis of the laboratory, GlasStress Ltd. By now over a hundred polariscopes measuring residual stresses in glass have been sold.

Main research areas

  • integrated photoelasticity,
  • photoelastic tomography,
  • hybrid mechanics,
  • methods for determining residual stresses in glass.

Selected publications

  • H. Aben. Integrated Photoelasticity. McGraw-Hill, New York, 1979.
  • H. Aben, C. Guillemet Photoelasticity of Glass. Springer, Berlin, 1993.
  • H. Aben, L. Ainola, J. Anton, A. Errapart. Photoelastic tomography for residual stress measurement in glass. Opt. Eng., 2005, 44, 093601


NamePosition RoomPhoneEmail
Hillar ABEN consultant B 230620 4180   
Johan ANTON head of laboratory B 415620 4182   
Pearu PETERSON senior researcher
vice director
B 307620 4162   

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