Laboratory of Control Systems

Head: Ülle Kotta, phone +372 620 4153

The Laboratory of Control Systems is a leading Estonian research unit in automatic control, focusing on control theory and symbolic software, supporting fundamental/applied research and teaching.

The research directions of the Laboratory of Control Systems are non-linear and robust control systems, modeling of control systems, learning and planning in robotic systems, formal testing and verification methods for distributed and embedded systems.

The Laboratory of Control Systems was part of the Centre of Excellence in Nonlinear Studies, CENS, one of the 12 national centres of excellence in research 2011-2015.

From 2016, the Laboratory of Control Science with the Laboratory of Software Science is part of Excellence in IT in Estonia, EXCITE, which is one of the 9 national centres of excellences in research 2016-2023.


NamePosition RoomPhoneEmail
Arvo KALDMÄE researcher B 317620 4193   
Vadim KAPARIN researcher B 325620 4157   
Ülle KOTTA head of laboratory
leading research scientist
B 321620 4153   
Maris TÕNSO senior researcher B 306 620 4188   

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