Laboratory of Wave Engineering

Head: Tarmo Soomere, phone +372 620 4176

Secretary: Katri Pindsoo, phone +372 620 4251

(A separate unit of IoC since January 1, 2009.)

The lab focuses on complex and nonlinear phenomena in wave dynamics and coastal engineering, and the applications of mathematical methods in wave studies. The scope of research involves, but is not limited to, long wave theory and applications (with emphasize on fast-ferry waves, shallow-water solitons, runup phenomena, tsunami research, and generic aspects of coastal hazards), surface wave modelling, wave climate studies, and wave-driven phenomena in coastal engineering, with application to integrated coastal zone management.


NamePosition RoomPhoneE-mail
Nicole DELPECHE-ELLMANN researcher B 210 620 4167   
Maris EELSALU junior researcher
B 213 620 4251   
Andrea GIUDICI researcher B 229620 4178   
Nadezhda KUDRYAVTSEVA senior researcher B 215620 4260   
Rain MÄNNIKUS junior researcher B 222 620 4156   
Irina NIKOLKINA researcher
B 220620 4260   
Katri PINDSOO junior researcher B 213 620 4251   
Andrus RÄÄMET researcher B 302620 4186   
Tarmo SOOMERE head of laboratory
leading research scientist
B 221 620 4176   
Tomas TORSVIK senior researcher B 222620 4156   
Bert VIIKMÄE researcher B 210 620 4167   

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