Laboratory of Systems Biology

Head: Marko Vendelin, phone +372 620 4169

(A separate unit of IoC since August 1, 2007.)

The main aim of the laboratory is to study regulation of intracellular processes and understand functional influences of intracellular interactions. For this, a mixture of experimental and theoretical approaches are used.

Specific scientific interests, projects

  • Intracellular compartmentation and diffusion restrictions, influence on bioenergetics
  • How the fine structure of mitochondrion is influencing the dynamics of oxidative phosphorylation?
  • Regulation of energy transfer in different types of cells
  • Metabolic stability of heart muscle cells
  • Interaction between mechanics and energetics of the heart


NamePosition RoomPhoneE-mail
Jelena BRANOVETS engineer B 216620 4175   
Svetlana JUGAI technician
B 120620 4189   
Mari KALDA researcher B 219620 4175   
Niina KARRO engineer
B 218620 4175   
Martin LAASMAA engineer B 215a620 4406   
Rikke Birkedal NIELSEN senior researcher B 218620 4404   
Marko VENDELIN head of laboratory
senior researcher
B 217620 4169   

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